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Yamashita JP+

The Egi Oh JP feature a unique construction with a "Jump up" weight moving system. This weight moving system assists the jump up action and makes a rattle sound. JP+ is specially focused to a vertical rod action which helps the jig jump higher, this action is highly visible to the squid.

The weight moving system improves casting distance and accuracy, improves jump height and emitts a unique clicking sound which can help attract squid from a large distance. 

EGI OH JP+ also features:

* slim nose design for less resistance in the water = more action. 

* Wider belly for better jumping action

* Warm Jacket 

* Stainless steel hooks

* UV eyes

* G-Flash markings for added appeal

* Prawn egg markings on the belly


Available in:

Size 3.5 (105mm)

Weight: 21g

Sink Rate: 3.0-3.5 sec/m

Yamashita JP+ col-B01 OG

Price: from AUD $18.17

Yamashita JP+ col-B03 OLG

Price: from AUD $18.17

Yamashita JP+ col-R05 KME

Price: from AUD $18.17

Yamashita JP+ col-R06 BDE

Price: from AUD $18.17