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IZUMI Shrimp Style Squid Jig

Beautifully designed and made, these squid jigs are from the company IZUMI jig. They feature two sets of needle sharp squid hooks and fluorescent colours. The sinker has been designed to reduce the resistance in the water when casting and retrieving. The slim and slant shaped weight gives it a stimulating action. Perfectly balanced they'll work for you every time!

1. Original Izumi dorm Eye.

2. Slim and sooth weight make balancing action and long casting.
3. Original body fabric.
4. Flat tail end with hologram. It is most important of IZUMI egi, we call Slim sweet spot”. Squid easy slim at this area.
5. Tow difference size sharp hooks.

 Application of action:

- Cast out and let the jig sink to your desired depth.
- Impart 3 to 6 sharp jerks while taking up the slack line.
- The jig will slide left and right over a wide area when there is a slight pause between each jerk.

Basic Technique Movement for attracting squids interest:
- Cast out and let the jig sink to the bottom.
- Make a big jerk so the jig jumps off the bottom.
- Let the jig sink again (it is when the jig is sinking that a squid will attack).
- Repeat this action until the jig is back to the rod.

Izumi Series EGI col-01

Price: from AUD $7.72