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Ever Green Ocean Fleet

Coming from fishing tackle giant Evergreen, these jigs are of the finest quality featuring the very best weights, cloth and steel crowns to make sure you have every chance at nailing those calamari.

The shape, like all the EGI, simulates that of a crayfish. What really changes in this Squid lure is the absolute quality of the materials used by Evergreen International for the coating of the body, resulting in aerodynamic squid lure that casts like a bullet.

Available in multiple sizes in some of the most amazing colors we have come across. With its' sharp nose, it has a great side-to-side darting action which drives squid crazy.

The jig comes with some of the sharpest steel crowns available on the market. The steel crowns at the rear of the lure, which in turn differ in size, help the cephalod get trapped more easily, resulting in less unhooking of the predator during retrieve periods. In fact the crown closest to the body is smaller than the second, resulting in more balance for the trapped cephalopod.