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Ecooda Live Prawn

The Ecooda Live Prawn Squid Jigs perform even better than they look. The Ecooda Live Prawn Squid Jig has a combination of features that make it stand out above the rest. It’s a hard bodied jig with a special painted finish that is amazingly soft and realistic to the touch.

The legs are made from super tough, but soft, 10X plastic and impregnated with prawn scented fish attractants. This material creates a phenomenal yet superb action that does not come at the expense of hard wearing durability. Add the stainless Squid spikes and you have a performance driven, long lasting squid jig that will prove highly successful in most locations

  • Sizes: 3.0 or 3.5
  • Construction: hard body, with 10X legs
  • Hooks: Stainless steel Squid Spikes
  • Ultraviolet colours
  • Prawn scent infused legs
  • Unique soft finishing paint on the body


  • Hard body for excellent balance and durability meaning your jig may last a lot longer than conventional squid jigs.
  • Special soft paint provides a more natural feel for when the squid explores and strikes.
  • Genuine prawn replication, looks more natural and attracts more interest than a conventional squid lure.
  • Well weighted for maximum casting distance and accuracy.

Just by looking you can tell Ecooda Live Prawn Squid Jigs have something special. This great look is reflected in superior performance making Ecooda Live Squid Jigs a necessary tool in your squid hunting arsenal