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Duel Ez-Q Mag Cast

If you are into squid fishing, then you will have heard of Yo-Zuri and its lure fishing division Duel. They have been making squid jigs for a very long time. That experience and knowledge have come together to make what they call the EZ-Q Magcast.


These newly developed jigs are the culmination of their many lure technologies. Many times a squid angler wants to cast out farther to appeal longer to squid that are out of reach to other anglers. Unfortunately, because the weight of a jig is usually placed at the front to attain that perfect fall angle for the squid to be enticed to grab the lure, this doesn’t make for good aerodynamics when casting.

There have been many a jig maker who has tried to alleviate that but Duel has finally made it work.


They have added a chamber with magnetized tungsten weights to shift weight to the back of the squid jig when casting that then move forward and lock into place as soon as it hits the water. This has resulted in a 33% increase in cast distance compared to standard jigs.

Even with very strong jerk and side to side darting movement these weights are designed not to budge from their locked position.


Aside from that, Duel has added several features that are unique to these new squid jigs. The Oval Tying Head Eye, the Patapata Fin, Trick Hook Keimura, and Real Head.

The Oval Tying Head Eye is a feature they say is meant to allow for sharper shallower side to side darting than their traditional squid jig. In comparison tests where their Aori Q RS only darted 6 times in a set distance, the EZ-Q Magcast was able to dart 10 times. This will help attract the squid to the movement a lot more in that same distance. But this may also mean that the jig won’t lift off the sea bed as much.


The Patapata Fins are a replacement for the feather fins found on almost all squid jigs. These were developed in cooperation with the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology to imitate the vibrations of live bait that stays close to the sea floor.


The Trick Hook Keimura is something they have newly added with this series too. These are a set of hooks that bend only when the hooks have snagged into rock or weeds and you can bend them back easily with just a push of your fingers. While these do bend Duel says they will not bend even with very large squid on these hooks. These hooks also have a coating of UV reflective material that is known to attract squid.

And finally the Real Head, which is a section of bare plastic that is meant to imitate the bait as realistically as possible.

These jigs are only available in normal weights at the moment and only in 3.5 size. They are 19g and have a fall rate of 1m per 3.2 seconds. All of these features combined should make these some of the deadliest squid jigs being cast into the seas.