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Williamson Surface Pro

Williamson Surface Pro Fishing Lure - (Price Varies Depending On Chosen Size)

If explosive surface fishing is your thing – Then you must try one of these top water Williamson Surface Pro Fishing Lures the next time you’re out to target saltwater pelagic predator fish such as the likes of GT otherwise known as giant trevally, kingfish, mackerel, tuna, mahi mahi and all the other fish that will have a swipe at a saltwater stick bait lure. You’ll quickly find that the fishing trips you imagined couldn’t be any better miraculously are. Once you’ve tried these large surface fishing lures you’ll wonder why you went so long without them.

The Williamson Surface Pro Stick Bait Fishing Lures are created to be a uniquely versatile top water lure that can be fished in multiple ways such as a slow or fast rip and stop style retrieve or a walk the dog retrieve. Either way the Surface Pro lure by Williamson is sure to attract large predatory fish to take an explosive surface strike.

Features And Specifications

♦   130mm and 180mm size available (Choose your desired option from our ordering menu)

♦   130mm has a weight of approx 46 grams

♦   180mm has a weight of approx 99 grams

♦   Heavy duty stainless steel through-wire

♦   VMC 7266 TI in-line single hooks

♦   Lipped casting

♦   Quality heavy duty split rings

♦   Lure is rigged with hooks and rings ready to tie onto your line and start fishing

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only – price displayed is for 1 lure - Price varies depending on chosen size

Fishing Lure Size Selection And Target Species Guide:

The 180 Size - is especially ideal for Tuna, dolphin fish, Kingfish, Sailfish and the mighty giant trevally or otherwise known as GT.

The 130mm Size - If your into something a little bit more general purpose then the 130 size is the way to go which will also cover all of the above mentioned species but will even extend to attracting fish such as bonito, salmon, tailor and more! Just about any fish that will take bait from the surface in heavy saltwater fishing applications will certainly take a swipe at a Williamson surface pro.



♦   The increased weight means that you can cast further easier ensuring that you can hit your favorite spots from a distance even in windy and rainy conditions.

♦   Designed to be used with multiple retrieval speeds. Can be used anything from normal, medium, or fast. With the different retrieval speeds the lure will change its movement action making it unique among similar lures.



Surface Pro

Price: from AUD $18.14