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Williamson Popper Pro


Williamson Lures has debuted a brand new lure range - Popper Pro fishing lures. Designed to take traditional popping lures and your fishing, to a whole new level.

The Popper Pro fishing lures feature a cupped face and pencil-style body. The range includes several color patterns to choose from that have been designed to mimic an injured baitfish frantically maneuvering at the water’s surface and is bound to catch the attention of all nearby fish. The in-line profile allows for a broad range of fishing techniques including popping, blooping, slashing, and stalling. Whichever method is your go-to choice, the Popper Pro is bound to bring the big fish to the surface

Williamson Popper Pro lures weight of 35 grams creates a natural float for the perfect hook exposure assisting you in catching your fish on the first bite. These surface lures also include sound replication and the injured baitfish graphics will have you setting the hook in no time. When you’re out fishing for the big fish, perhaps salmon, kingfish, or tuna, with the Popper Pro you’re bound to come away with more.

Features And Specifications

♦   130mm length

♦   35g weight

♦   Heavy-duty split rings

♦   VMC 7266 single hooks

♦   In-line hook design

♦   Sound replication

♦   Rear casting

♦   Stainless steel through-wire construction

♦   Stainless steel pin and swivel rigging

Popper Pro

Price: from AUD $15.90