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Shimano Waxwing

Features And Specifications

♦   Aerodynamically designed to cast well even in windy conditions

♦   Wire through design for a super tough lure

♦   Strong upturned double hooks on 68-118mm sizes and treble hooks on 48-58 mm sizes

♦   Unique two wing blades give the Shimano Waxwing it’s fish catching action

♦   Slow sinking lure able to work just below the surface



♦   The Shimano Waxwing fishing lure has a unique zig zag style action. The bottom wing gives the lure stability, the top wing does all the work, giving the lure its unique fish catching action. By catching different shapes in the water it causes an irregular wounded baitfish like kick. No two retrieves are the same!

♦   The design and weight placement on the lure give the Shimano Waxwing fishing lure amazing castability, even in windy conditions

♦   The Shimano Waxwing lures are breeze to use all you need is a slow to medium rod tip down style retrieve to give this lure its optimum fish catching action.


Price: from AUD $9.05