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Shimano Lucanus Jig

If you love the thought of catching fish on jigs but hate the thought of all that physical effort? Well Shimano Lucanus jigs may be the answer for you. Available in five weights and 7 colour variations the Lucanus jig offers a new jigging style. No more rapid jigging and high speed winding, these lures work best at a slow speed. A simple lift and drop of the rod is all the action that these lures need. The unique aerodynamic head design allows the jig to get to the bottom fast and once their stabilises the jig. The dual eyelet design gives the angler the option of using only the weight of the jig or attaching a short trace followed by a sinker to the bottom eyelet to reach deeper water. The best feature of the Lucanus jig is the silicone skirt. This skirt wobbles and vibrates in the water as the jig is lifted and dropped. A multiple hook rig sits in this skirt hiding the hooks from wary fish. Replacement hook rigs and silicone skirts are available.

  • Aerodynamic head design lets it sink quickly
  • Dual eyelet design
  • Glow eye for extra appeal in the deep water
  • Multiple hook system provides higher hook-up ratio
  • Durable silicon skirts and trailers wobble and vibrate during the jig movement