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Shimano Bottom Ship

Try these new ship-to-shore jigs for Snapper, Kings, Emperor, Coral Trout and more

Those sneaky Kiwis have been quietly going about catching a heap of reef and pelagic fish on Shimano Bottom Ship jigs for a number of years, but only now are Aussie anglers getting the chance to try these deadly 'metals' on our local species.

A rear-weighted design gets Bottom Ship down fast, but it is their vibrant colour and movement when slow jigged that has been attributed to their success. 

Available in four colours including a luminous paint option, the Bottom Ships have a trailing squid skirt that hides a pair of in-line chemically sharpened assist-style hooks rigged on Dyneema cord.

The cool jigs come in three weights, 90, 110 and 135 grams. Replacement skirts and hooks are freely available. 

Everything from snapper to kings in temperate waters and a whole bunch of tropical species will jump on the Bottom Ship jigs.