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Samaki Pacemaker Lures

Product Description

Samaki Pacemaker Lures - Trolling Fishing Lures

The Samaki Pacemaker lure is a blue water trolling masterpiece. The design is born from the feedback and experience of blue water pros looking for a lure with all the trimmings but most importantly, operates at peak regardless of the continual variables related to trolling speed. Many trolling lures will fail as boat speed changes due to running with the current or down the face of a swell or wave. While trolling at 8 knots the sudden increase of speed caused by heading down a wave will cause a lot of hard body lures to pop out of the water. Not only is this frustrating and time consuming, will cost in fuel and lost fish.

The Samaki has spent 2 and a half years in development to overcome this eternal problem and the results are fantastic. The 180mm Samaki Pacemaker fishing lure will continue a perfect swim at speeds to 15+ knots. Its little brother the 140mm will still operate perfectly at 12-15 knots. This fine tuning by the developers is a boon for trolling enthusiasts everywhere. While trolling at your usual speeds somewhere form 6 to 14 knots, you won’t have to worry about changes in speed that will wreak havoc on lure action or worse, see it pop out of the water all together forcing you to slow up, reset and start your run again.

Your targets will be the regular likely bandits such as Tuna, Mackerel, Wahoo, Kingfish and a host of others. One expects no self-respecting Sailfish will reject a 180mm Stripy Pacemaker. The colours and fish designs are remarkable, with a genuine focus on detailed realism. Considering the 2 and a half years of effort to make the perfect trolling lure the Samaki Pacemaker Fishing Lures are outstanding value for money and a must have for every serious trolling angler

Samaki Pacemaker Lures

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