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Nomad Madscad

The Madscad features:

- New super tough HD ABS plastic body
- Machine stamped full metal plate
- Foam filled body
- 4 coatings of super tough clear coat
- rigged with bkk hooks

The Madscad 160 Deep stickbait is exactly the same size and shape as it's twin brother the 140 Madscad. The 160 Deep version is a fast sinking lure which enables it to be used in unique situations when a fast sinking lure is needed. For instance, when the seas are up and the fish might be hanging down deep along a reefs edge or rock wall or when the water clarity is quite dirty and the fish are hanging down low. This heavier version stickbait is also particularly effective when trolled at 15 knots. 

Styled on the typical deep bellied baitfish such as herring and fusiliers, the Madscad has been designed to be effective in a range of sizes for a huge variety of species.

This design has been refined over years of testing and many prototypes. The subtle features like the flattened top of the head, the scalloped curve of the sides and the small tail wings all make the action on this lure dynamic.

The Madscad sinks level and actually wiggles like a subtle vibration lure while sinking. It has an erractic swimming action when twitched on a cast retrieve.

The larger sizes are ideal for tuna, GT's, mackerel and kingfish, with the smaller size being the ideal allround stickbait for reef species, tuna, salmon, kingfish, mackerel and many other species.

Built with the same HD ABS plastic, foam filled, body and machine stamped metal place on all Nomad design lures, the Madscad is built tough.


Price: from AUD $20.86