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Fish Candy Smash Crab

The Fish Candy Smash Crab is proving to be very productive and is ideal for a large range of fish that have crabs on their menu, be it fishing for Mulloway, chasing Snapper and other reef dwellers or hunting Barra. This life-like and easy to use lure comes pre-rigged, is extremely flexible and being made from 10X material it is super-strong.

The action is enticing and natural, fluttering belly first, the legs and claws give off an incredible swimming action. Slow roll, jig or just leave it in the rod holder and let the boat movement and current do the work. Fish will think this crab is real and too tasty to refuse.

At 100mm, weighing 39g and coming in UV and natural colours the Smash Crab is ideal for those looking for a larger crab bait.