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Sax Scent

Sax Fishing Scent (Fish Attractant)

Can’t catch a fish? You need to try Sax scent on your fishing lures or bait.

Sax fishing scent is a fantastic new fishing scent that is manufactured here in Australia and tested by Castaway fishing estuary fishing charters as well as a host of tournament fisherman all round Australia, The results have been brilliant.

Sax Fishing Scent has been designed so that it appeals to the fish’s sense of taste and smell. If you don’t believe that fish attractant scents work then just look at how berley works, the fish smell the berley and then come in hoards to where your bait / berley is.

Whilst you can enhance your real fishing bait with Sax fishing scent, where this scent is going to come into a league of its own is when you apply it to fishing lures such as hard body fishing lures or soft plastic fishing lures. Some fish actually have taste whilst drawing water into their mouths therefore a better tasting and smelling lure will not only attract more fish, they will actually hold onto a fishing lure for a longer period of time increasing your strike rate and sucess.

Sax Scent Abalone

Price: from AUD $6.82

Sax Scent Bloodworm

Price: from AUD $6.82

Sax Scent Crab

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Sax Scent Wasabi

Price: from AUD $6.82