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ZipVac Bags

Vacuum pack your fish! No batteries or power needed!!! Store dry goods away from moisture, seal in freshness for meat and other perishables, or protect valuables while you're in the field. Portable: Manual Pump units allow you to seal in freshness while at home, in the field, on the boat, or back at camp. Patented Valve Technology: ZipVac valve technology ensures freshness. Patented Zip Closure: Allows for quick, easy, and secure sealing.

  • Food Storage System Kit:  Kit Includes - 1 x Manual Pump unit - 3 x 3.8L bags, 3 x 0.9L bags - Instruction Guide.

  • 1 Quart Bags - (7.25"x8.87") 15 per box

  •  Fillet Bags - (9"x20") 20 per box


  • Jumbo Bags - (14"x15") 20 per box

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