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Tackle Worx Attractor Rigs

The Tackle Worx Snapper Attractor Rig is ideal for fishing from the beach, rocks, jetty or boat and is suitable for all fish species (especially good on snapper, salmon and flathead etc).

The Tackle Worx Snapper Attractor Rig is a 2-dropper paternoster style rig, pre-tied with 60lb line.  Each dropper is fitted with a 5/0 chemically sharpened circle (recurve) hook, reflective tinsel and lumo bead. Each rig comes complete with heavy-duty black barrel swivel at the top for easier rigging to main line and a bonus sinker clip.

Available in 7 colours. BU-Blue, WS-White/Silver, C-Chartreuse, G-Green, P-Pink, PU-Purple, S-Silver

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