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Slug-Go hooks offset

Lunker City's offset shank, "Slug-Go hooks" are designed with an extra long shank to properly balance a Slug-Go or other soft jerkbait.

How to Rig Slug-Go®

and other soft stickbaits.
1) Use the correct hook size (see chart at bottom). Insert hook into 'nose' of lure till the barb just disappears into the plastic.
2) Bring the hook point out the belly (rounded side of lure)
3) Rotate the hook 180 degrees as you slide it through the lure, so the point ends up pointed back at the lure's belly.Image
4) Optionally, put a drop of Super Glue or similar product on the "z-bend" in the hook shank before sliding it into the plastic. This will help the bait stay rigged straight through the toughest use.
5) Slide 'z-bend' into lure so that eye of hook is inside plastic. (See end note if adding a stinger-treble-hook)
6) Lay the bait out straight with the bend of the hook lying next to it, and gauge the length of the hook. Imagine a line passing vertically through the bait right where the hook bend would contact the lure at the bottom.Image
7) Pierce the hook point squarely into the belly of the lure at the intersection of your imaginary line.
8) Pass the hook straight through the lure, exiting out the top (concave side) exactly opposite the entry point.Image
9) The rigged lure should lie straight, as shown here. If it isn't straight, it will spin or move in a repetitive, rather than random manner, defeating the whole soft-stick advantage.

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