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Shimano Sustain FG Reels

Sustain 4000FG was $329.00, NOW $269.00

Product Description:

Sustain has been a household name for Shimano for some years now, and with good reason, every new model is a step into the future and this new range is no exception.

Incorporating features such as SR Concept, Aerowrap oscillation, ARC spool design, Machined handles, the famous CI4 material being used in the rotors with 7 ARB bearings and 1 roller bearing over a range of 4 reels 1000, 2500, 4000 & 5000 it is sure to please avid Shimano Fans.

The X-Ship double bearing supported pinion gear is designed to increase gearing efficiency and power and provide ultra-light handle rotation. Combine this with the new Magnumlite CI4 rotor (except 5000), Propulsion Line Management System, Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, cold-forged aluminium drive gear, SR Concept, Aerowrap II, Dyna-Balance and Super Stopper II and you have 20% more cranking power which will redefine the way you fish.


Paladin Gearing
Propulsion Line Management System
Aero Wrap II
Super Stopper II
AR-C Spool
One-Piece Bail

Gear Ratio - 6.2:1
Drag Power - 10kg
Line Capactity - 4kg/219m
Power Pro Capacity - 15lb - 240m
8+1 Bearings
Weight - 304g



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