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Okuma LRF rods Full Grip


Full grip version of the popular LRF rod series. A combination of sensitivity, strength and flexibility in the tip, thanks to Okuma's patented UFR technology, combined with plenty of stopping power in the bottom end, the LRF rods are perfect for those soaking a bait for everything from whiting to snapper, while also being suitable for presenting a lure.

● OKUMA Patent UFR technology on the Tip blank for increased rod tip sensitivity, lifting power and maximum strength.
● Seaguide unique XO guides, SS316 frame and SIC inserts
● Larger guides on tip section (Line Flow Tapered Micro Guide system on split grip version)
● Deluxe Okuma gold label reel seat
● Spiral Carbon tape design on the butt section for improved strength and durability, while adding a highlight to the rod.
● Full grip design for comfort and use in rod holders.


LRF-S-502L-FG  Light5'0"2pc    1-3kg    2-8g
LRF-S-602L-FG  Light6'0"2pc1-3kg    2-8g
LRF-S-662L-FG  Light6'6"2pc1-3kg    2-8g
LRF-S-6102L-FG  Light6'10"2pc2-4kg    3-10g
LRF-S-742L-FG  Light7'4"2pc2-5kg    3-10g
LRF-S-702M-FG  Medium  7'0"2pc3-6kg    7-12g
LRF-S-702H-FG  Heavy7'0"2pc6-10kg   15-45g


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