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Marine Inshore Flare Kit


Marine Flares


For the time being we are unable to legally dispatch marine flares (Class 1 Explosives) by normal road couriers due to changes in government regulations that have come into effect.

We hope that this will be resolved soon with an exemption for Marine Distress Signals. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

We hold a Permit to Purchase and a Permit to Store Marine Flares

2 hand flares. 2 hand smoke packed in square polypropylene container.

Pains Wessex Aurora Red Handflare fired at night can be seen up to 10 Km away at sea level and up to 20 km away by an aircraft. They can also be used in daylight over shorter distances.

For day use only, the Aurora Orange Handsmoke unique smoke pellet formulation produces a persistent vivid and expanding cloud of dense orange smoke which can be seen for more than 60 seconds. The smoke can be seen from 4 Km away in a 10 knot breeze, at sea level, and even further from an aircraft.

The Aurora flare kit is packaged in a tight fitting, square polypropylene container. The close fit stops the flares from being vibrated excessively and the plastic container assists in keeping the flares dry. In fact, the new Aurora flares are waterproof in their own right as the steel tubes can still be subjected to water and moisture without affecting the performance or operation of the flares.


Due to Licencing Marine Flares are a "PICK UP ONLY ITEM'  there is no postage or delivery on flares.