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Black Pete Rod and Reel Waterproof Bags

Protect your Rods and Reels

Protecting a major investment like a game rod and lever drag reel is best done with a rod bag, and these new bags from Black Pete are just sensational. Not only do they prevent scuffs and scratches on the anodising and epoxy, but also stop the tips on lighter rods from being broken or guides knocked out of alignment. There are five models available and they have been designed with all the popular reel sizes in mind - 16/20, 30/30W, 30/50W, 80W and 80 chair. The bags are 100 per cent waterproof, with the water actually beading off the surface like the better boat canopies on the market, so they'll protect the outfit from saltwater intrusion during a wet early morning run out to the grounds. The lengths are fully adjustable to suit shorter rods, and handles on the back of the bag are positioned in such a way as to make the outfits easy to carry.

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