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Mustad Penetrator Flasher Rig.WAS $9.95

Mustad PENETRATOR Flasher Rig
Chemically Sharpened Ultrapoint Penetrator Hooks

The PENETRATOR two-hook Flasher Rigs are based on the super-sharp Mustad Penetrator hook, which is becoming a favourite among Snapper Fishermen. The Penetrators are mounted on two droppers and dressed up with flasher material to add extra attraction to the bait.

The user friendly 2-hook rig comes in a choice of three "flash" colours and in hook sizes 7/0-8/0 inclusive. All rigs are built on 60lb monofilament. The rigs are mounted on a special foam winder for easy wind-on and re-use. See in store for our complete range of Mustad Rigs, and our awesome value BULK PACKS.

Bait Fishing - Although you can often catch bottom fish without bait, bait fishing can improve your results. The Flasher Rig is designed to be baited up easily. A strip of fish flesh or squid on one or more of the hooks is ideal - the flasher material acts as an extra attractor. Use the bottom loop to attach a suitable sinker and attach the swivel to the main line. Let it sink to the bottom and jig it up and down.
  • Suitable for jigging, drifting or slow trolling
  • Rig is fitted with 2 x Ultra sharp Mustad Penetrator Hooks
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